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6 years ago#11
Hey smart guy, HE DIDNT SAY REMAKE! He said if the DS version of Mario 64 would be able to use the analog stick.

Next time READ the topic rather than post ****.
6 years ago#12
^ alot of anger in this one.
6 years ago#13
lol, I was thinking the same thing without as much hostility, though. All TC (and I, for the matter) wants to know is whether or not the 3DS's new analog pad will work with the current Mario 64 DS. Nothing about another remake. I hated using the d-pad for that game. Almost sold it for that reason.
6 years ago#14
They don't need to.

Not only was it remade, but if the 3DS accepts D-Pad input via the Analog stick then there you go.
You wouldn't download a car.
6 years ago#15
Maybe a Sunshine Remake? With 3D FLUDD effects?
"I ain't treddin' on thin ice yo! Shibuya's to warm for snow, stupid!"
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