Imagine life in 3D

#1shironinjaPosted 6/15/2010 3:22:58 PM
If only.....

Now or never.
#2MasterOtenkoPosted 6/15/2010 3:24:21 PM
Unyu! Unya!
#3Flint247Posted 6/15/2010 3:27:11 PM
I thought life WAS 3d.
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#4BKXDPosted 6/15/2010 3:29:07 PM
We are in 3D, or 3Ds.
1D: Dots and lines
2D: Shapes (i.e. circles)
3D: Detailed shapes (i.e. cubes)
4D: Time
5D: Twilight Zone
6D: ???
7D: Profit!
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#5Board_hunter567Posted 6/15/2010 3:29:48 PM
Life always has the same exact graphics too.
#6yoshi996Posted 6/15/2010 3:30:24 PM
Just dont talk about the 9th Demention. Trust me.
#7psychic987Posted 6/15/2010 3:32:48 PM
What's wrong with the 9th dimens.... *poof*..........
#8Yabun_no_IndouPosted 6/15/2010 3:34:07 PM
Really, TC?

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#9Catcher_FreemanPosted 6/15/2010 3:36:07 PM
Real life has terrible graphics.
#10sudzi781Posted 6/15/2010 3:38:32 PM
^Though when it came out, they were pretty good.
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