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User Info: 11matthew

6 years ago#1
Do you guys think they are going to use avatars? My guess is that they would just take the Mii system and bring it over to the 3DS, maybe change the name or something, idk.
Also, I hope they add Achievements, because while lots of people think they are pointless, they tend to add an extra incentive for beating games, and give you something to work for.
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User Info: MaxiPower90

6 years ago#2
i would love it yes, lets me get more out of my games
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User Info: PwNeRsHaTe

6 years ago#3
i couldn't care less if they were to add those

User Info: ToastIsWoosh

6 years ago#4
That pilot paradise game shows some kind of a mii. Hopefully that's some kind of indication.
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