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6 years ago#1
I heard rumors? nothing I guess?
6 years ago#2

From: Renagadez33 | #001
I heard rumors? nothing I guess?

It will come out on the 3DS.I hope it doesn't have the same dull and lifeless music from wild world.
6 years ago#3
There are screenshots on Nintendo's E3 site.
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6 years ago#4
it's real. there are even screenshots.

go here:
click "Nintendo Titles" tab
click Animal Crossing
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6 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#6
Tat game may be a little Rough though.
I like Leon's Jacket. It's nice.
6 years ago#7
yea there is, check nintendo's e3 website so many great games are coming!!
6 years ago#8
Thanks Guys, you rock. I didnt expect the help. Im so excited
6 years ago#9
oh no.
6 years ago#10
is it me or do our little dudes look taller!
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