I hate the DS but, this looks like a win.

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Wat seriously they want to try to suck in Mom and Pop? Thats their idea? Well im just scared that Hardcore peeps are getting the bad end of the stick. I thought about it more and trying to appeal to non-gamers seems like a great plan if they can get it to work.

No, not really, the DS gets many Hardcore games. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Ace Attorney (I'd like to see you beat that) Plenty of RPG's and others.
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All this talk about softcore and hardcore makes me feel really dirty.
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Resident Evil Revelation, if it has Jill and Chris in it, then its likely the name REVELATION means what happens after 5, find Alex Wesker.

Capcom better think of porting Resident Evil REbirth, the GC remake of 1 aswell as RE Zero, oh yeah they could add in a feature for Zero, where your friend plays as the opposite character of yours.