Oh My God. The 3DS....

#1GhostFace977Posted 6/15/2010 4:32:39 PM
Its simply breath-taking.
I wasn't really that excited for the 3DS, but when I saw pictures of titles coming out for it, I was incredibly amazed. Now, as you probably thought, I do really want this. The graphics are GREAT! And the games coming out for are crazy. Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Super Street Fighter, Samurai Warriors, Chocobo Racing, Splinter Cell, Professor Layton..
Heck, even the ghost recon game looks gorgeous and cool!
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#2strife14467Posted 6/15/2010 4:34:55 PM
When I first heard about the 3DS, my initial reaction was "Oh great another Virtual Boy." Yeah I was completely wrong, I want one so bad now.
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#3thanthenPosted 6/15/2010 4:36:35 PM
more like another gimmicky crap, they could have at least upgraded the specs a little, that kid icarus game looked like nds game.
#4TranquilSeaPosted 6/15/2010 4:37:33 PM
Lol at above post.
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#5kenshin10418Posted 6/15/2010 4:38:50 PM
Obvious Troll is Obvious thinking Kid Icarus looked like a nds game when I saw the trailer I thought he said new game for the Wii and I was blown away and then I found out it was handheld.
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#6Cpt_BLVK3Posted 6/15/2010 4:39:57 PM
Someone is at denial
*cough* thanthen *cough*

S-s-s-six.....errr... the new controller. We live in a 3D world w/ 3 axis; X,Y,Z. wonder what the other 3 are.
#7GhostFace977(Topic Creator)Posted 6/15/2010 4:47:29 PM
Lol yup ^

Man, Nintendo has really did it. They had the best E3 IMO.
Plus those thousands of hot girls there that helped you play. ;D
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