ITT, Let's disect the 3DS pics

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6 years ago#11
it looked like one
6 years ago#12
that purple 3DS is turning me on so much right now.
Not so limp anymore
6 years ago#13
No wait.... that was the DS game slot on the top... my bad :P
6 years ago#14
It looks like they've stuck with the DSL and DSi D-Pad, which is bad news imo.

The tiny D-Pads make it difficult to go diagonally. The control stick solves this for 3DS games, but original DS games will still have this problem unless they have the control stick work for them as well.
6 years ago#15
The 3DS looks like its built in layers, hopefully they'll slim it down a bit by release.

Otherwise, amazing! And lucky for me they have a gray/black version, 'cause I usually like basic colors.
6 years ago#16
Heres hoping for a dark green 3DS.
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