Im Blown Away.

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6 years ago#1
At first i thought jeez just another ds on top of the 2847582 other types, but this really impressed me. Its a whole new system with the same games we love and i cant wait. The second i saw it i said screw the DSi cause i was gonna get one, now im gonna save my money for this, anddd the graphics are amazing not to be a graphics whore or anything its just that finally aside from PSP exclusives...Sony has nothing on Nintendo's handhelds anymore
AC:CF James@Cacavas 0216-4368-6289
6 years ago#2
Yeah, I'm just getting myself a cheap DS lite to hold me over till this comes out. Can't wait for it.
6 years ago#3
TBH, Sony never DID have anything on the DS, they just were just really good at making it look like they did.
6 years ago#4
I'm still confused as to how people think the PSP is outselling the DS.

Do they just not read the news?
6 years ago#5
I hate today's society where if anyone calls attention to graphics, it automatically makes them a graphics *****.
R.I.P Team Fortress 2 updates on the Xbox 360.
6 years ago#6
Yeah I have a Ds lite now so im just gonna fix it up and be content till 3DS. Soo good, and you guys have a point, Nintendo pooped on Sony with sales its just that Sony fan boys have no choice but to except defeat haha, and well i said i dint wanna sound like a Graphics Whore because its my flame shield
AC:CF James@Cacavas 0216-4368-6289
6 years ago#7
Well it wasn't reallly graphics, I was lured in by the being able to play PS1 games on the PSP, but in the end they were the only games I really bought for the PSP and even then I barely played them all. In the year I had the PSP I bought about 20 PSP games and 15 PS1 games and only managed to play a total of 3 games from start to finish. Every time I would try it was like, "eh this really isn't as fun as I had remembered it: or eh it's not as fun as they made it out to be" Honestly it was just better playing PS1 games on a PS1.
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