Just got back from E3...

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6 years ago#1
Got a short few minutes with some 3DS demos. Ask me anything.
6 years ago#2
Was it sexy?
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6 years ago#3
why are you full of lies?
Playing "football" w/ hands, Bush elected into office (twice!), non-metric system, toothless gun carrying idiots. Oh yeah, we got our **** together...
6 years ago#4
How crisp was the 3D?
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It there a problem?
6 years ago#5
How was the slider?
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6 years ago#6
Was it crystal clear?
6 years ago#7
How was the analog? Was it uncomfortable like the PSP?
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6 years ago#8
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6 years ago#9
good smooth graphics?
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6 years ago#10

If you were really there, you wouldn't of asked that question.
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