Just got back from E3...

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User Info: Relaxt

6 years ago#21
The 3D is more colorful and prominent then in 3D movies that just use certain portions to show off 3D aspects.

I would say the graphics of most early demos are on par with the graphics of most Wii titles, with the exception being Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, being superior graphically to the 3DS.

Although Nintendogs + cats did show some very nice fur textures and shading somewhat similar to the Queen Bee in SMG.

User Info: Relaxt

6 years ago#22
Any other questions?

User Info: Teremei

6 years ago#23
let me guess, you didn't have your camera with you. M I RITE.
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User Info: MajorRage

6 years ago#24
Can I use my old glasses for it?

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User Info: tYRE_602

6 years ago#25
lmao, TC= owned
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