how much r u willing to pay?

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6 years ago#121
if its bundled with The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time OR Kid Icarus: Uprising It will be awesome! Though my sister would love the Nintendogs and Cats >_>. Marrio Kart or Starfox Would be nice too :)
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6 years ago#122
20. And that's my final offer.
6 years ago#123
199 plus tax wuold be what 205 or something? anyway i would never waste more than 250 on a handlheld.
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6 years ago#124
$200-$250 is the sweet spot, based on the price of the DSi XL and Wii, and considering everything Nintendo seems to be packing into the system.
6 years ago#125
$180-200 would be the sweet spot, but I think I'll top out at $250.
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6 years ago#126
Like 120 quid, but i dont think i'll get the first version, i'll wait unit the bring out a revision of it
6 years ago#127
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6 years ago#128
2000 Gil.
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6 years ago#129
1000 zenny
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