i hope the price range is $30-$40

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User Info: lizard81288

6 years ago#1
for games. i hope they don't cost $50-$60.

i could see $40 being the standard for them. IIRC $30 is the standard for DS games, while good games or nintendo ones cost $40
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User Info: chinezekid1

6 years ago#2
i agree with your signature 100x
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User Info: Blood0ace

6 years ago#3
i think that would be the price range cause nintendo wouldn't let 3ds games cost more than wii games

User Info: Tyrant_o_Terror

6 years ago#4
40-50 is reasonable. PS2 games cost that much when new, or used to I don't know, and the graphics quality is the same.
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User Info: SuperShadowAce

6 years ago#5
I also agree with your signature Tc.
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User Info: VileBlade

6 years ago#6
Most common DS game price, including almost every N game, is $35. A few third parties go $30 (Capcom), and $40 (Squeenix).

Based on this, and the games being much higher quality, I'm guessing 1st party Nintendo games will be $40~$45, and certain third party games will be $35 or $50.
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  3. i hope the price range is $30-$40

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