Look: Final Design is TBA

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6 years ago#11
oh god! That is ugly. Thank. You. God.
6 years ago#12
the prototype looks better than the first ds released.
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6 years ago#13
I like the original DS, moreso than the later revisions, to be honest.
6 years ago#14
AND the system is apparently going to be released this fall...

link please
6 years ago#15
^ Check the release date for Kid Icarus on this very site?
6 years ago#16
Actually it may not be the final design, READ THIS!

Every Nintendo handheld thats been shown at E3 has also gotten a redesign right before its release. 3DS is using the DS Lite clamshell design. Original DS Prototype used the original GBASP design.

The one they showed at E3 is called a PROTOTYPE!
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