Mario Kart 3DS graphics

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These images are probably more representative of the 3DS real graphical capabilities, remember, MGS 3 was a 3D model viewer, and Kid Icarus wasn't playable.

It's still very nice, slightly more modest than I previously thought, certainly not GameCube quality.

The first PS2 games din't look that good, but then we got stuff like Okami and Shadow of the collsus.
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the original mario kart ds looked pretty meh before it was complete too. I think it turned out quite nice, don't you? Take a wait and see approach.
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The KI demo was not playable, but the trailer DID employ gameplay parts. The part with Pit flying and shooting looked excellent, and very fluid with no hick ups at 60fps. I'm figuring the background of the stage was pre rendered, but also at the end of the trailer you see Pit flying, and there are actual clouds floating. not clouds pasted to the background, but actually modeled clouds.

I think that says a lot about the graphical capabilities of 3DS.