the 3ds needs a super smash bros game

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User Info: ruumple_4_skin

6 years ago#1
It would be awesome on the 3ds

User Info: ToastIsWoosh

6 years ago#2
You're the first person to think of this. :O
All sarcasm aside, it would be nice, as this is the perfect handheld for it.

User Info: shadyelf

6 years ago#3
With online multiplayer.

User Info: sackboypwnsall

6 years ago#4
Ive been thinking this since last christmas,
( or whenever I first heard a new DS was coming with better graphics.)
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User Info: ohh42

6 years ago#5
If so it had better have MegaMan in it. And not that MegaMan Star Force ***** I mean the REAL MegaMan
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User Info: Eta_warrior

6 years ago#6
A new "Shonen Jump Stars" game wouldn't hurt either.
English is not my native language, so... yeah. There will be mistakes.
And if I roll a 1 there will be critical mistakes. >_>

User Info: Angel_XBlaze

6 years ago#7

From: shadyelf | #003
With online multiplayer.

Would be great, but didn't lag ruin Brawl's online? I was so excited for Brawl's online, but there's lag everywhere.
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User Info: tYRE_602

6 years ago#8
I've been thinking this since the GBA.
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User Info: Hector_Sass

6 years ago#9
A new "Shonen Jump Stars" game wouldn't hurt either

No but my life as I know it would probably end though...
Hmmm?! O_o

User Info: FireDragoon18

6 years ago#10
I don't really see it happening. Brawl as it is, takes a dual-layer disc. And I don't really see a new SSB without more characters.

The only way I see a SSB coming to the 3DS is if the graphics are downscaled, or some characters are scrapped.
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