So this is a completely new system and not just a revision of the DS?

#1Maximum OverdrivePosted 6/15/2010 8:35:20 PM
Ever since this was first announced in March I've been very interested in this handheld. I bought my girlfriend a DSi for her birthday and got into the system when she'd let me borrow it. I was about to purchase one for myself until I heard about this new 3DS.

My question is, is this a completely new system with updated, more powerful hardware that can render better graphics and such or is this just another incarnation of the original DS like the DS Lite and the DSi?

Also, I can't find any vids but if there are any, how do the graphics stack up against the PSP?

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In a word "yes"
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New system
Graphics better than PSP

Oh Indeed
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What is a google?
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yes it is completely a new system with no GBA slot, just like 3/4 other other topics on the first page say
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From: brandon13 | #005
What is a google?

A type of rodent.

I think they're poisonous.
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Awesome! Thanks!

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