Is teh 3DS HD and why does it have only 1 analog stick?

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^alright thanks
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From: fire2box | #006
The Zune HD has a screen that is 3.3 inches long.

LOL the Zune HD doesn't actually display HD from the Zune's screen.
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chances are most games will use motion control to aim in shooters and the analog stick to move.
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Technically it's not even SD, so...
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It is definitely 480p judging from what we have seen so far. Remember, these are just the first games to release for it. Expect future games to look even better. This thing may be able to do 720p.
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It's got a 3.3" screen. TV terms don't apply to such things. It's like, how, if you get a TV screen that is less than 40" you will not perceive a difference between 720p and 1080p.

As for only one analog stick, probably all that is necessary. The thing as gyroscopes, too. Tilts of the system could be used for easy camera control. Heck, it could use the camera to monitor your eyes!
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Why does the PSP have only one analog stick, eh?
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I DO want two analog sticks 'cause I'm left-handed and it's reaaaaly uncofortable to use the stylus with the right hand