I hope they fix online!

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6 years ago#1
They need to scratch the friend codes and make it like PSN or Live
Must play Uncharted 2!
6 years ago#2
Prepare to have your hopes stomped to death and then set on fire.
6 years ago#3
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6 years ago#4
Friend codes were just another form of identification. They were designed to stop impersonation by those who bought or stole previously owned games and systems (as long as they didn't get both). The main issue was due to the system there were heaps of codes to remember for everyone and every game.

The alternatives are a single system code (single and slightly longer friend code) which doesn't have problems with the common act of selling games or an account registering system. The former has the advantage of any name you wished to be displayed of is available, because the identification is the number. The latter you are identified and typically represented by the same name, and the names are limited by who gets there first (therefore causing some disconnection if you don't get the name you wanted).

Every other aspect of online has nothing to do with friend codes being used or not. The codes are only an inconvenience typically experienced once for each person and each game they own that you also do.
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