ITT: We list the games we already plan to by

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User Info: Yorkster

6 years ago#1
Games I will buy for sure:
Atleast one, if not more of the 3 shin megami tensei games announced.
Harvest Moon 3D
Mario Kart
Dragon Quest
Final Fantasy
Kid Icarus
Resident Evil

Games I might buy:
Etrian Odyssey
Super Street Fighter IV
Metal Gear
Animal Crossing
Paper Mario
Star Fox 64

What about you guys?
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User Info: pichufan2000

6 years ago#2
Paper Mario
Star Fox 64
Metal Gear
Street Fighter
Kid Icarus
Mario Kart
Animal Crossing

Among others but I am too lazy now.
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User Info: Sherlock_H

6 years ago#3
Kid Icarus
Paper Mario
Metal Gear.
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User Info: schlanz

6 years ago#4
far too many is all I know. I'm going to be a poor bastard by the end of the day this launches.
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User Info: hear_me_raor

6 years ago#5
Nintendogs/ cats
Paper Mario
Mario Kart

those I'm definatly getting at launch, and if I have money left, I'll see
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User Info: nintend0Fan46

6 years ago#6
Paper Mario
Metal Gear Solid
Mario Kart 3DS
Kingdom Hearts
Orcarina of Time

Resident Evil
Nintendogs and Cats

User Info: ryan0991

6 years ago#7
I'm disappointed at the lack of OoT so far.
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User Info: zeppelincheetah

6 years ago#8
Mario Kart
Paper Mario
Ocarina of Time
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User Info: Grunt40

6 years ago#9
Ocarina of time
Kingdom Hearts
Paper Mario
Star Fox
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User Info: WarNinja2012

6 years ago#10
Snake Eater 3D
Star Fox 64 3D
Kid Icarus: Uprising
OoT 3D
Resident Evil
Classic Games (check out the link)

Theres already 6 games i want, and i dont even know when the 3DS releases. And my newest handheld is a Game Boy Color
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