I hope that OoT includes Master Quest

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User Info: superstud69x

6 years ago#1
I'm not counting on it but it would certainly be a nice touch.
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User Info: Zhacarias

6 years ago#2
I hope a real non-spinoff Final Fantasy game will be released...
*sigh* That's ...just too much to ask for, I guess. *goes away to cry*

User Info: DarkSideOfBlue

6 years ago#3
Master Quest wasn't that great. They made the Water Temple the easiest in the game. :(

User Info: SocksForWok

6 years ago#4
I hope it doesn't, Master Quest just added strange looking blocks in dungeons to alter paths, it was quite lame.
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User Info: AndreLeGeant

6 years ago#5
Rather than including Master Quest, I'd just like to see the dungeons redesigned in a clever way so that it's not a completely old experience. New mini-games and stuff in Hyrule would also be nice.

As for Final Fantasy, I really want FF6 to be remade, either on 3DS or PS3.
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  3. I hope that OoT includes Master Quest

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