Wow, Resident Evil Revelations graphics are gorgous, plus game is intriguing...

#11spectermaster14Posted 6/16/2010 9:08:17 AM
Wait, where were these confirmed to be realtime? Because that's just amazing.
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#12tYRE_602Posted 6/16/2010 9:10:02 AM
Resident Evil was in realtime.

Check IGN's and Digital Foundry's coverage of it.
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#13SyntaxBananaZPosted 6/16/2010 9:17:15 AM
Yeah all of those pictures are in real time. Scaled down model versions of RE5 models. But its only a tech demo and its not playable. The backgrounds are also simplistic. Plain BG's + movie tech demo = high model resolution at high FPS.

In-game gameplay might be a bit toned down once the game is made but if Nintendo decides to push its GPU up, it might actually look as good as the demo. And if it included motion blur too....*drool*
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