So 5 colors?

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6 years ago#1
Although Nintendo only shows '3' colors on the site, on someone's E3 pictures, I saw orange/purple (old I know).

You think these will be released later? special editions? launch?

I think they will be released later...I don't know why companies DO not make more than '2 or 3' colors for their system, no matter what someone will buy that color (unless it's something ugly...but who knows!)
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6 years ago#2
Come on, you have to ask this question when you know the pattern with Nintendo's handhelds. Lol.
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6 years ago#3
I'm guessing we'll have at least a couple of choices when it releases (kinda like with the DSLite and DSi) and then more will be released later.

I'm guessing we're gonna get that cool blue and sweet red that they showed at the start of the reveal.
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6 years ago#4
Hey, remember the DS? Now compare it with the 3DS.

~_~RDR is GotY~_~
6 years ago#5
Would've loved a darker green colour. Though I would settle with orange.

The thing is if they don't come out at launch I may never get the colour I want. As such my handhelds have pretty much been purple Gameboy colour, Silver GBA SP, Silver DS, White DSi. It's too hard to wait for a colour that may never exist and not buy the system when I want to, or buy the system right away and miss out on the colour I would've wanted.
6 years ago#6
it'd be awesome if it was atomic purple
6 years ago#7
I'm willing to bet the "purple" and "orange" were probably the blue and red in funky angles and in odd lighting. That makes a lot more sense.
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