Cartridge Slots

#1lfritPosted 6/16/2010 5:44:03 AM
I've read up on the specs and whatnot, I don't know if this has been addressed, and probably only people at E3 know this, but how do the 3DS cartridge slots work? Ignoring the SD which I assume is standalone.

Are there two slots for carts, a la DS/DSLite. One for 3DS games, one for DS games? Or just one slot? In which I would assume that the carts are similar in size/structure.

I'm asking this because of the post I just saw in the Pokemon thread where the possibility of a Pokemon Stadium type game was being speculated. But, assuming like the previous GBA/DS relations, that connectivity is not allowed, they would need another way to transfer Pokemon onto the 3DS.

Again all speculation/whatever.

Is there anyone who has reported on whether or not the 3DS and the DS games go into the same slot