$300 durability or $200 flimsiness

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User Info: Lost_Seraph09

6 years ago#1
Take your pick.

User Info: M155L35

6 years ago#2
500$ tank

User Info: berndie90

6 years ago#3
$300 for sure.

User Info: pttp_co_nr

6 years ago#4
$250, inbetween
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User Info: darkzero297

6 years ago#5
500$ tank

In all honesty, this. I hate the god damn iPod-ish look that the DS Lite was. And damn that glossy coating. I just want a black matte finish and a damn tank with high resolution.

User Info: Chao777

6 years ago#6
250$. No need to overpay.

User Info: Sonic23004

6 years ago#7
Five hundred ninety-nine US dollars.
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