First Day Purchase.

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User Info: Miki_Sayaka

6 years ago#1
With the impressive showing, optional-3D-effect-on-every-game, and great lineup of games...

I'm going to be living in the street for a month after release. I'm ecstatic.
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User Info: Blk_Mage_Ctype

6 years ago#2
Depends on the MSRP for me, but so long as they keep it under $250 I'll get it.
I imagine Bethesda's Quality Testing Department a big, dusty room filled with cobwebs, and a chimp wearing a Fez banging on the keyboard of a single computer...

User Info: Irish_Spectre

6 years ago#3
I know...I'm going to pre-order as soon as the option becomes available.
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User Info: Chao777

6 years ago#4
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