Is anyone going to NOT use the 3D feature?

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User Info: xCha0s

6 years ago#1
Since it can be turned off, i was wondering if anyone wasn't going to use it. Perhaps due to an eye problem, or a seething hatred for 3D images for whatever reason.
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User Info: TediousMatt

6 years ago#2
If a game uses it in an annoying way, I might turn it off. And when I play DS games I might if it saves energy. :3
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User Info: marrownaut

6 years ago#3
The only time id imagine turning it off, is when i need more battery life.
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User Info: Another_Wiked

6 years ago#4
When I'm in the car I'd never us it. You have to be really looking at it just right and hitting bumps would mess everything up
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User Info: RetroReset

6 years ago#5
Unless it really enhances the experience, I actually see me not using all that often. I could be wrong though...
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User Info: ohh42

6 years ago#6
If my little cousins want to watch me play I might turn it on to show them how cool it is, and then turn it down or off so they can actually see what's going on
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User Info: Derbmeister

6 years ago#7
Perhaps due to an eye problem

I was thinking this. Looking at stereoscopic images for an extended period of time is bound to cause some strain, though watching Avatar for its duration was okay. It depends I guess.
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

6 years ago#8
I'm not certain myself. I usually keep the sound off on my handhelds, so I'm inclined to say I may have it off.

But then again, it is a major feature and seems a waste to have a game developed for 3D and then not to use it. So I'll likely keep it on.

Overall, I'd say it'll depend on the game.
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User Info: parKb5

6 years ago#9
3D has never worked for me, my eyes can tell the diffence between the colors of the lines, so I just get a fuzzy image. Looking at the Kid Icarus preview from e3, I saw two fuzzy images of the characters, so depending on whether or not that is how it will look on the screen, I might just turn the 3D off.
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User Info: summerclaw

6 years ago#10
I love 3D, so I will probably use it a medium.
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