I was really hoping for Golden Sun 3DS

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6 years ago#1
I mean, the number fit perfectly and everything. :/

But I'm just happy there's a new one coming out :)

XBL- whitebean49
6 years ago#2
I agree, and also still happy a new one's coming out.

My favorite RPG series by far.
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6 years ago#3
I think the game will be fine on the DS. Besides, if it were to come out on the 3DS instead we would probably have to wait longer for it
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6 years ago#4
^True. I'm glad we're getting it this winter. I can't wait any longer!

Now we can just wait for Golden Sun 4 on the 3DS.
XBL- whitebean49
6 years ago#5
It's noteworthy that Golden Sun: The Lost Age was just the second half of the first game, being for the GBA.

Golden Sun: the Dark Dawn would be the second game, and it is for the DS. (Though it should have been named Dark Suns, in my opinion...)

This means that a new Golden Sun game, the third one, would adeptly be for the 3DS, and that the name Golden Sun 3DS would work just fine.

Of course, don't expect it to hear about it until the next system comes out : P
6 years ago#6
I'm guessing that it might have a couple of 3D extras for the 3DS
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