can i see it?

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5 years ago#11
Anyway, TC... I guess on the bright side there is a 3D slider and you can just turn that all the way down if you do decide to get the 3DS and want to play some games on it.

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5 years ago#12
I think you should be fine with the 3d.

I'm an idiot. -_-

It should say: "I think you should be fine without the 3d"
5 years ago#13
If he can't see the 3D, I would imagine he doesn't technically have to touch the slider. But yeah, since you can turn the 3D completely off at will, it obviously has to be an optional feature.
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5 years ago#14
from research of 3d technology it seems the only way it will ever work for me is with head tracking. But that seems like it would be impossible for more than one person to see at a time.
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5 years ago#15
with only 1 eye you will lose depth perception and that effects all 3d imaging including the expensive glasses kind.

head tracking technology would work as found in that dsiware game.
5 years ago#16
u can turn off the 3D and still enjoy the games

5 years ago#17
3D is just an effect, it'll never be nothing more added to gameplay mechanics because it would leave out people who can't see 3D effects. Once we start heading in the age of holograms, then people won't need to have two proper eyes for effects. Predicted time for holograms: next 20 years.
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