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User Info: MRW1215

6 years ago#11

From: ohh42 | Posted: 6/16/2010 5:56:36 PM
^ Motion sensing or touch screen. I mean, just place a couple of left and right buttons on the touch screen and thumb them when you need to

That seems a little clunky, though. I dunno, I'm sure there's probably some way they could pull it off that I just haven't thought of, but eh.

User Info: TKhaos

6 years ago#12

From: ohh42 | #010
^ Like I said. Motion or touch screen

I don't have a third hand though. If i use my right hand to use my stylus, what will I be attacking with? If its motion controlled, how will I be able to keep myself facing the monster during bus rides without looking like a jackass or risking falling over? My point is that simply because of the bad joystick placement, the game would be nearly unplayable. I love MH3, but I would rather see it stay a Wii exclusive or go to the PSP rather than the 3DS due to control schemes.
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