Call me crazy but I think Nintendo should drop the Touch Screen.

#41luigi33Posted 6/17/2010 7:44:27 AM

From: Super Jumper Mario2 | #160
Then how about simpler vs complicated? Gameplay can be fast when there are less controls to worry about. MPH was just shoot, move, switch weapons, and morph ball?

Actually I just went back and played the MPH demo that came with the original DS. It actually felt a bit clunky but that was obviously a demo its been a while since I played the real game but I'm sure the controls were smoother. Anyway, double tapping the screen to jump worked for me and really, the only thing I couldn't find myself working was where to put a duck button. But if the Slide Pad had a "click" for another button, that would solve everything and I'd be happy with using touch screen to aim.

But why not include a second slide pad anyway and offer choices as preferences?

I dun think its necessary. And people who would use the second slide would BAWW in FPS games because they are being slaughtered by touch screen users.
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