My Concerns About the System.

#1bigeyes22170Posted 6/16/2010 2:55:10 PM
I'm bored and have a lot of time to waste, so I decided to write up a few of the things that I'm worried about, concerning the 3DS

The 3D

Yes, I am worried about the 3DS's 3D, not the actual graphics themselves, I've heard those are absolutely amazing and will help your jaw make friends with Mr. Floor, but the 3D window is what I'm truly concerned about. There have been mixed reviews, some say the window is rather large, some say it's quite small. Personally, I don't think that Nintendo would make a system, whose main attraction is 3D, without making it the best possible. On my worry scale, this is a...



Miscellaneous Issues

By Misc Issues, I'm referring to things like battery life, system cost, game cost, and other things like that. Again, knowing Nintendo, these most likely won't be issues. IIRC, one of Nintendo's reps even said that they were trying to match the battery life of the DSi / DS Lite. Now cost is a bit different. I'd appreciate if the system was under $200, but I'm not sure if this is possible, hopefully it will be in a respectable price range.




This one is more comical than serious, but knowing Nintendo's past (Getting sued for the Wii Remote, and DS's touch screen among others), I wouldn't totally rule this out.



iPhone Competition

I don't believe the iPhone/iTouch themselves shouldn't be regarded as huge problems towards Nintendo's handheld systems, but they are taking up quite a bit of DS sales. If anything I hope Nintendo learns from its competitors and opens up a kind of "App Store" that allows consumers to make/price their own "apps".



That's about it for me. I can't wait for the 3DS to be released, and, looking back on this list, I don't think I can be disappointed.

If anyone else has some concerns and would like to voice their opinion, please feel free to do so. This topic is meant solely for discussion, so please leave the flames in the furnace. (HARDY HAR HAR)
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