Why is this getting better 3rd Party support?

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6 years ago#1
oh Ubisoft SUDDENLY cares about making good games for nintendo's systems now?
"I honestly think it's the fans of the 360 and PS3 that can't handle the idea of something with lesser graphics doing so well." - lp913
6 years ago#2
Because the 3DS is awesome and the DS was not.
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6 years ago#3
Yeah, lots of developers are more enthusiastic about the 3ds.

I haven't seen this much developer interest and support in a nintendo system since the SNES.
6 years ago#4
The tech is new, and seeing how well received it has been by high end dev teams...well that leads me to believe it's high end tech.

So to answer...because it's good stuff, and they all like good stuff.
6 years ago#5
Because from a hardware/power point of view, it's not necessarily redundant out of the box unlike Wii/DS
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6 years ago#6
Developer interest should be very high.

The increased processing power makes it possible for them to work on the types of "AAA" games that they take seriously and have mostly kept off of the Wii and DS.

The 3D is novel and, while not a game-changer, is something that is going to sell this system to a lot of people.

And the fact that it's the successor to what is on its way to being the best-selling system of all-time is plenty of reason for developers to want to grab a slice of the 3DS right out of the gate.
6 years ago#7
because it's new

as soon as all the charts only show nintendo's 1st party titles, they'll go back to consoles.

happened with the wii as well.

I really hope they can look at how well the DS did and see that there is potential for profit.
6 years ago#8
It didn't happen with the Wii. There was not a new Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts, Contra, three SMT games, Street Fighter, etc. announced for the Wii prior to release or, of course, ever. In fact, analysts, fans and publishers had no idea that the Wii would be as successful as it is. With the 3DS, its success is all but assured, and that's why you see third parties trying to ensure that they establish their IPs on the system early on in its life-cycle (so they can keep iterating them to good sales). And though the graphics (while impressive) underwhelmed some, the 3DS by virtue of horsepower, third-party support and hopefully improved online seems much more of an enthusiast machine than the DS was.
6 years ago#9
when the wii was announced, every company was pledging support.

support which never happened.
6 years ago#10
That's exactly what's different here. The support is happening, as evidenced by the games I listed.
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