Now that I'm no longer suspended, my thoughts & assumptions

#1PSI_GroundPosted 6/16/2010 9:02:12 PM
- It's definitely coming before March 2011. It was confirmed some time ago (at that small press release in april, I think?) that it was coming at the 2010 fiascal year
- It's actually coming in november-december because Reggie said it's coming Holiday 2010 when talking with some guys from G4
- Most of the titles excite me
- I'll be playing with the 3D off because I don't particularly care
- Nintendo definitely won E3
- Some of you guys weren't acting very smart yesterday, some were blindly ignoring facts, some making crazy wild assumptions that belong on TV Trope's Wild Mass Guessing pages
- IMO, the games will probably look better in action, as does almost every 3D model DS game I've owned.
- Several games are still concepts
- Most will probably not come on release
- The ones I believe will are Star Fox 64, PilotWings, OOT (maybe I'll actually finish it this time), a demo ala the MPH demo with the DS for Snake Eater, and a wild throw-up between Animal Crossing and Mario Kart, assumptions however.
- The new Persona will either be a remake of 2 or 4 (4 more likely for 2's whole "hitlet is a main antagonist" stichk
- The new Devil Survivor will be a sequel, and will begin Devil Survivor as the next SMT spin-off (ala Persona)
- The graphics are, at the moment, PS2 grade. I expect them to grow to Wii grade by the end of it's lifespan
- No Gen V Pokemon games will come to 3DS except spin-offs. Gen VI will come near the middle of it's lifespan

...And that's the majority.
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Oh and I expect Kid Icarus for launch too
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