My problem with the 3DS

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6 years ago#11
If you want a $599 handheld, then be my guest.
6 years ago#12
No. The only reason there was an XL in the first place was to cater to older people. But for average people, the size of the DS lite is fine.
6 years ago#13
Today's opposite day?! COOL!

I think the phrase you're looking for would be:

"Today's opposite day?! ****!"
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6 years ago#14
I'm 27 and even when I was 14 I thought the GBA had a small screen and when I was younger I thought the regular gameboy had a small screen...
6 years ago#15
Remember the Gameboy player? Wish they could do something like that again. Probably tough to implement due to the dual screen and touch aspects of some games. I'm sure they could come up with some way around it. They should at least try right?
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6 years ago#16
Agreed. However 3d would be impossible without the proper technology and you could always use a Wii remote for the touch controls.
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