#1BillymdmaPosted 6/17/2010 2:40:03 AM
Is this basically another DS iteration with 3D or has it new, more powerful insides?

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#2ShadowTheHHFanPosted 6/17/2010 2:41:13 AM
It's more powerful but we don't have the software specs yet.
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#3DarkSideOfBluePosted 6/17/2010 2:44:55 AM

I don't remember the Gameboy Advance having these kinds of misconceptions when following up the GBC.
#4draemsuPosted 6/17/2010 2:47:10 AM
Watch the Kid Icarus trailer, then the Metal Gear Solid demo.
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#5ZerosPosted 6/17/2010 2:48:47 AM
It's to the DS what the GBA was to the GB
#6ffdghPosted 6/17/2010 2:49:42 AM
tc metal gear http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D92S9unF88

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#7DarkSideOfBluePosted 6/17/2010 2:53:50 AM
We should get a sticky topic going with all the available videos of the games and demos.

Label it "Watch this before posting" or something.