Nintendo, I hope you're reading this...

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From: ViewtifulGene | Posted: 6/17/2010 7:31:57 AM
You know that none of the games for it are ready yet, right? What are you planning to do? Rub the 3DS all over your body?

They said Project Sora, which was put together specifically to make a game for the 3DS, has been working since January 2009, so I'd think Kid Icarus should be near completion, and I'm sure a lot of Nintendo's other titles have been in development for a long enough time, as well. So I'd think a lot of titles are probably at least near completion, by now. The only problem is third parties; if I recall correctly, won't they only recently talking about have received dev kits for the system? So, aside from quick cash-ins, I'd imagine third-party support wouldn't immediately look so great, if the device released fairly soon.