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6 years ago#11
The first thing that came to mind was Gregory House smacking 13 with his cane and seeing her fly off into the distance. I approve of this Smash Bros x House M.D. crossover idea.
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Started: October 5, 2008
6 years ago#12
i don't see how this is really any different from any of the smash games. Hell there was even a Luigi's mansion level in Brawl

Look at Other M. How you can traverse in a 3D environment in a sidescrolling manner, but some rooms are looked at in 3rd person. Now apply that to a smash bros game, where the object is to knock them OUT of the building or through it into the void(the extremes of the TV screen).

Imagine being in a box, where you can walk in a side scrolling manner, or in 3rd person over the shoulder. you have to knock people through the walls. now add about 5 more box shaped rooms, of different sizes, with hallways in between. You have to knock them out of the boxes, without them being able to get back in. you can jump on top of the building or whatever and play by normal smash standards, but with the 3D they can add a level of depth to the inside of the buildings.
6 years ago#13
I know; I was agreeing with you.

I was speaking to xtrlop
6 years ago#14
Transitioning from 3-D to 2-D on the fly might be confusing though.

Sorry for my slow posts, my family keeps talking to me while I type. But yea, we would have to see how Other M plays out with its transitioning. But I think it would work pretty well.
6 years ago#15
6 years ago#16
bumpety boppety boo.
6 years ago#17
I'm getting the vibe a lot of you did poorly on your SATs.
I am the poorest gamer you will ever meet.
6 years ago#18
Story mode should be like Bruce Lee's Game of Death. You go through the house, but at each level some big *** boss is waiting to ambush you.
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