I have already 3ds

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6 years ago#1
DS, DS lite and DSi XL...xD
Hunting with Safira
6 years ago#2
Old Joke/10
6 years ago#3
aww im stuck with 2ds
SSBB-4768-7181-0493 MKW-3265-5611-1996
1453-4963-0274-7365 msc-1590-2358-9530
6 years ago#4
XBAND SNES/Genesis: r9delta
"no" - Ralph Pootawn
6 years ago#5
I only has 1DS.
Supported by wings of faith, Wielding a sword of light.
I am a believer.
6 years ago#6
This joke is so old that it's... really old.
The proper phrase is "couldn't care less". "Could care less" means you care.
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