Hopefully it comes out in colors I actually want.

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User Info: LiISnowpaw

6 years ago#1
The blue is kind of bleh.
The red is okay, I wish it was more of a deep dark ruby red, almost black, except shining red in light.
I actually like the copper orange pretty well, I doubt it'll ever be released in that though.
I never liked purple much.
I'm sick of black.

A jade kind of green would be nice, as would a pearly white.

User Info: Sir_Edward

6 years ago#2
But the color looks pretty amazing on these. It's not as much a black that reflects red but you saw the E3 right? It doesn't show up as much in the pics but it's a darker color than the pics show and it reflects black at the right angles too.
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User Info: jomama1034

6 years ago#3
I will take any color I can get. I won a pink DS lite at a movie theater 2 and a half years ago and I still use it today.
3DS is going to be the best portable ever and hopefully one of the best consoles ever.

User Info: LiISnowpaw

6 years ago#4
I will take any color I can get.
And if you can get more than one color?

User Info: BIGLlittlel

6 years ago#5
I just might get the purple one. I really like the purple one...
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User Info: darknezbeast

6 years ago#6
I would kill for a dark jade green 3DS. That would be too friggin hawt
Oh Indeed

User Info: katamari_girl

6 years ago#7
I've been waiting forever for a dark green DS. Nintendo hates us, it's such a basic color...

Looks like the 3DS isn't gonna do it either...
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User Info: tYRE_602

6 years ago#8
I don't really like colorful electronics. All black for me.
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User Info: Wetterdew

6 years ago#9
The purple one looks positively scrumptious.
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User Info: d0wner

6 years ago#10
The colors shown are mock-ups.

Pearl white would be nice.
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  3. Hopefully it comes out in colors I actually want.

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