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6 years ago#1
All I keep hearing these days are about the 3D "Gimmick", the DS's touch screen "gimmick". EVERYTHING IS A GIMMICK TO YOU PEOPLE >.<

It's called technology progressing. When the NES went to the SNES, I'm sure someone said the extra buttons were a stupid gimmick. The N64's odd controller, was a gimmick. These aren't gimmicks they are making, this is the advancement of technology. Gimmick would generally reflect that it's a pointless addition that probably anything could have for a very cheap price. This is technology!

In marketing language, a gimmick is a quirky feature that distinguishes a product or service without adding any obvious function or value. Thus, a gimmick sells solely on the basis of distinctiveness and may not appeal to the more savvy or shrewd customer.

The touch screen clearly added a very obvious function, the Joystick on the N64 added an obvious function, and the 3D is a graphical function, and will probably serve more purposes down the line after we see the release. When the PS1 came out, people just said it was just Sony "copying Nintendo".

With the motion sensor technology on the PS3 they are just "copying" nintendo. Sure, no one questions where they got the idea from, but they used it because it was successful and new technology. Maybe that's where technology is heading, and they don't want to miss out.


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6 years ago#2
hmm dobut its an issue here
at the 360 and ps3 boards is another story tho >_>
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6 years ago#3
Gimmick also means "marketing ploy". That's what the Touch Screen, 3D, Motion controls are.
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6 years ago#4
annnd within that logic, GAMES are more or less gimmicks XD
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6 years ago#5
In marketing language, a gimmick is a quirky feature that distinguishes a product or service without adding any obvious function or value.

That quirky feature is your marketing ploy. However, you conveniently leave out the "without adding any obvious function or value" segment of it, which would nullify the argument of the 3D, touch screen being merely a "gimmick".
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6 years ago#6
I would say 3D is more of a fad. Motion control will always be a gimmick that appeals to a casual/niche market simply because it will never be realistically applicable to most of the biggest games out there. I'm pretty sure no one wants to play CoD/Halo or Gran Turismo/Uncharted using anything other than a traditional controller. 3D might work for the ds because kids might find it amusing but that's it. I don't see it as a big change like the inclusion of a second touch screen was. And personally I'm more interested in the power of the 3DS than anything else. Will it be more on the level of the psp or what?

In general I believe 3D is a fad just like the low carb diet craze and will eventually go away like it did before in the 50s because after a while people will get sick of having to wear glasses and having stupid junk popping out at them in every movie they see. It's not innovative it's just annoying. Plus come next generation if everything does move towards 3D that will be just the excuse developers need to raise game prices by another 10 bucks and have another 18 months tacked onto game development time. So instead of 4 years between Gran Turismos it will be 6 and 7 years between Final Fantasies instead of the already ridiculous 5.

Like that stupid TV thats been advertising that comes with 3D glasses so I can watch what? The Price Is Right in 3D! Viagra commercials in 3D! Or wait, those Jamie Lee Curtis "Activia helps you poop" ads in 3D! Yay! It's the game changer I've been waiting my whole life for.
6 years ago#7
Cry more.
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6 years ago#8
tl;dr guys? I'll sum it up.

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6 years ago#9
Man, the N64 controller was a gimmick. Outside of introducing an analog stick to a wide audience, it was crap. The three pronged thing was... so... why? Why? :|
6 years ago#10
Every new feature can be seen as a gimmick. It's hit-or-miss which of these gimmicks truly drive innovation. Does anyone accuse anyone of copying Nintendo when they propose a wand-shaped controller for their system? Of course. Do Nintendo fans jeer at the thought of a PSP2 with a touch-screen? They do. But do we hear anyone asking where the 3DS's microphone is positioned? So far, I haven't. These were all gimmicks. Some gimmicks took us to where we are today. Others, not so much.

Where the 3DS gimmicks (and I'll call them that because I don't think it's such a bad word) take us remains to be seen, what should matter to us most is whether we enjoy what we're playing. Technology is a means to an end, as long as Nintendo and other hardware designers know this, I have little reason to doubt that we'll be having fun.
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