You think the casual market will die on this system?

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6 years ago#1
The DS is a system with a very strong casual appeal. Why? The touch screen. It's a straight-forward interface that is very easily made intuitive. It's basically the same as mouse clicking. Casual games, therefore, work extremely well on the system. Anyone and their mom can play a casual DS game. Hell, my mom bought her own DS for the explicit purpose of playing casual games.

Now the 3DS has come along. It has a 3D screen. It also has a touch screen. However, it treats these two things as very separate entities. The 3D screen will be controlled via more traditional controls, something that tends to turn away just about anyone that isn't a gamer. This will basically leave the system to be played exactly like a regular DS (unless the developer decides to capitalize on the motion control). The significantly higher power of the 3DS would likely go unused, as it does not take a lot of power to play a typical casual game.

Since the DS install base is already high, I can see casual developers sticking to developing games for it. This will probably hamper the decisions of most casual gamers to switch to the 3DS (not to mention price tag). Thus casual developers probably won't develop much more for it. It's that sort of cycle which could prevent a good chunk of the market from buying into the 3DS, and may just encourage Nintendo to continue its DSi line.

TL;DR: The 3DS doesn't offer anything to casual gamers that the DS doesn't already have.
6 years ago#2
Eh. People can adapt.
ITS THE 3DS!!!!!!!
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6 years ago#3
As I've said on other boards, I think that Nintendo is aiming the 3DS at hardcore gamers, while probably moving their home consoles toward casual gamers. While they won't openly admit it, Nintendo cannot compete with mobile phones when it comes to the casual market. A consumer is much more likely to buy an iPhone and take advantage of a few apps than to buy a phone and THEN to buy also a 3DS or any other sort of device devoted exclusively to gaming. Mobile gaming is just much more logical for them than owning a 3DS, buying carts, etc.

Meanwhile, when it comes to party gaming at the home, mobile gaming is a non-issue. Nintendo can continue to develop that market with titles like Wii Fit and so on.
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6 years ago#4
If anything, Nintendo is simply follow the current trend--the casual market has been hyping 3D movies/theaters as well as up-coming TVs, and Nintendo is just taking a piece of the market. I think it's still their normal approach of aim for the general population, the hardcores will buy regardless if they see something they like.
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6 years ago#5
I doubt it, I suspect what's actually happened is Nintendo have completely locked down the casual market and can now afford to cater to the next biggest market, i.e. gamers.

It's got nothing to do with aiming portables at gamers and consoles at casuals, if they were just flat out aiming this at gamers they wouldn't be using half the systems power for a 3d effect, which is obviously the main gimmick to get the casuals on board again.

And I suspect the touch screen is there more because of backwards compatibility more than anything else, I can't really see the majority of games using it due to it being vastly inferior to the top screen.
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6 years ago#6
How do you figure that the 3D effect is aimed at casual gamers? For one, the 3D will not be visible on the touch screen. The majority of casual-friendly games were played predominantly on the touch screen. Moreover, it's been hardcore gamers on sites like GameFAQs that have been gushing over 3D gaming...
RIP Mitsuharu Misawa, 1962-2009. You were one of the best.
6 years ago#7
I figure that the casual market is bargain driven. They're more likely to spend half as much as the hardcore gamer because they don't mind owning systems and games that are a couple years old. The 3DS will be expensive, there's no way around that. This being the case, it may be a little time before 3DS catches on as a casual gaming device.
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6 years ago#8
3DS won't be much more than the original DS and certainly won't cost as much as the Wii, both of which hit on strong with casual gamers.

Casuals were won over with games like Nintendogs, Brain Age, and other titles full on mini-games or essentially App like features (e.g. cookbooks, sudoku, etc.). The difference between 2005 and now, however, is that such games are available with greater ease and a smaller price on people's phones.
RIP Mitsuharu Misawa, 1962-2009. You were one of the best.
6 years ago#9
3D is aimed at casuals because currently most entertainment media are attempting to revive 3D--look at Avatar for instance. Everyone I talked to ranted and raved about seeing it in 3D. Now TV and other media outlets are looking to cash in. The reason hardcore sites are excited is due to two reasons:

1--who in the casual market pays attention to E3 and knows of the 3DS yet? Mainly aimed at the hardcore = hardcore users.
2--those hardcore gamers are looking at the Graphical improvements as well as the possibility of playing remakes of some of their favorite games. New tech with interesting specs and games leads to spiked interest and gooshiness from fans.
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6 years ago#10
3D has nothing to do with the casual/hardcore thing. It's just a type of technology that has always been a goal but has only recently been achieved with any real success. In the future we'll watch everything in 3D.
RIP Mitsuharu Misawa, 1962-2009. You were one of the best.
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