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6 years ago#1
Want to get me one!

Any ideas on a UK release date?
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6 years ago#2
Not yet, but in Japan its around October. So maybe December?
6 years ago#3
Lately the US has been getting things before Japan, so I'd say the September rumors fit better than December, especially if they want to sell this thing for Christmas.
6 years ago#4
Xmas time?

****, its going to be hell getting one unless you preorder and lay out some cash.

The sheer volume of moms and grandmas I saw assailing retail outlets trying to get hold of a Wii.

Hell, even Red Dead Redemption was hard to get for a while...

*goes to preorder*
Final Fantasy
[VI + IX + XI] > [III + IV + V + VII + XII] > [I + II + X] > [VIII + XIII]
6 years ago#5
We don't know the release date for anywhere outside of Japan, though it probably don't take long for it to release in the US, UK, and Australia after that.

I'd think twice about importing. If this thing can play movies, there's a good chance it's games are going to be region-specific.
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6 years ago#6
I don't see Nintendo(A Japanese company) completing their newest console, shipping them to America for sale, and not having for sale in Japan already.

It's either Japan first, or a simultaneous worldwide thing.
I'm betting Japan gets it first, they have a release date. No one else does.
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6 years ago#7
You guys realize that the DS came out in America first, right
6 years ago#8
@ Koga Steelfang
We got the original ds in America first, which was the last great jump for nintendo. Seeing as it was showcased at the E3, it is very possible they will want to keep that hype and release it here as soon as possible. If history repeats itself, this will come out in America before Japan and at least before Christmas.
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