Anyone own a 3D TV?

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6 years ago#1
Do you think the 3DS should support video output in 3D so you can hook it up to your 3D TV and use your glasses? That'd be awesome and a +1 for Nintendo. Wish I had a 3D TV though.
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6 years ago#2
I doubt that anyone on this board owns one.

Samsung released theirs January this year, and Sony just released theirs this week.

This is like the introduction of HDTVs: Wait a couple of years, the prices will go down a bit, and more people will show interest in buying them.
6 years ago#3
For the time being, it's to expensive for me to justify buying one... plus I can't really afford it.
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6 years ago#4
I don't but i tried it. It distorts color a bit from what i've seen, but not as bad as the red/blue glasses. It has a dizzying effect for some people though, my mom can't stand it for example, motion sickness or something (yes she can see through the red/blue glasses no prob).

I doubt they'll have tv out support. The bottom screen is still there and will likely still be used for map and HUD stuff. Even in 3DS games. You can surely expect the Zelda OOT remake to have the minimap and maybe menu down there.
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6 years ago#5
Not to mention there aren't that many movies that have a 3d option out. I work at Best Buy, and iirc the only 3d movie we sell that works with the TVs is Monsters vs. Aliens. I'm sure there'll be more in the future, but it seems too early to go out and buy such an expensive thing now.
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6 years ago#6
at first i was thinking about geting one but then the 3ds was announced so now ima wait & if the 3ds can produce 3d with out glasses i mean moive theater 3d then screw the 3d tv till i doesnt use glasses i still havnt bought a hd tv yet =( so in a way if this lowers the cost of a hd tv ima buy that.
6 years ago#7
I'm gonna wait for 3D gaming to really take off before I consider getting one.
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6 years ago#8
Not even worth it. 3D games don't even need a 3D TV. Unless things change, most people probably won't buy one.
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6 years ago#9
Not even worth it. HD games don't even need a HD TV. Unless things change, most people probably won't buy one.
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6 years ago#10
Not to mention that the 400x240 resolution games would look like crap on a large tv screen. |
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