Gamestop better have good Trade-in deals for old DSs

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User Info: sackboypwnsall

6 years ago#1
Im trading in my lite and dont wanna be screwed over.
I want AT LEAST $70!!
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User Info: kfcsnacker

6 years ago#2
You think you got return issues, I got the original DS with a barely workable touch pad and to many dents to count, im sure im not the only one
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User Info: Ki_cat_

6 years ago#3
You'll get $50 for a DS Lite, $60 for the DSi and $70 for the DSi XL. D:
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User Info: wwe_rko

6 years ago#4
u only get $80 or less now mby for a traded in wii i think gamestop is shi* ik they got mke money off those things but they give u $50 a sell it at $140 & mke a ton of money do u think nintendo mke that mutch off a ds if u do ur wrong they have the production cost & then when gamestop buys a ds they dont pay full price so gamestop mkes more money on the ds then nintendo

User Info: The_Bones

6 years ago#5
Gamestop having good trade in deals? That is something that has never occurred.

User Info: wiill90

6 years ago#6
Game Crazy is beeter at system Trade-In deals. I got $90 for My DS Lite When I bought a DSI.
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User Info: ToastIsWoosh

6 years ago#7
Not to hijack the topic, but will either Gamestop or Game Crazy take a DSi with and "ink blotch"? It's small, but I don't know if they'll take it. Thanks. :D
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