ITT: How logical would it be to release a "Black Cartridge" for 3DS?

#11Random_GhostPosted 6/18/2010 4:35:57 PM
Making a 3DS game that connects to older DS games? Definitely.

Making a game for DS with 3DS-specific features ala current DSi-enhanced games? Maybe, although highly unlikely at this point.

Making a 3DS game that also works on DS? No.

Nintendo's already making the 3DS compatible with older DS games. They're not going to do the reverse.
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#12PSI_Ground(Topic Creator)Posted 6/18/2010 4:39:21 PM
Thanks for all your input so far, there are some idiots on another site I go to who think that 3DS games will work on DS (because one of them "works for Neversoft" or something and a Nintendo rep said "The 3DS games will work on DS" even though it's preposterous. I gave perfectly reasonable arguments, and they just said "Well, you're a ******."

So I wanted to check other's thoughts. Thanks.
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#13Board_hunter567Posted 6/18/2010 5:14:01 PM
I think the problem here is the technology differences.

While a GBC was slightly more powerful than a regular GB, I can't imagine there'd be that much difference developing for each. Not to mention, it probably didn't take much time or space to properly color a GB game.

A 3DS looks like it's so much more different hardware wise, that developers would have a hard time making work on 3DS and DS.
One way I can think of it having a game small enough to fit on a cart twice, one tailored for a DS, the other, a 3DS. Of course, that's a difficult task for any developer.
But there's always the route of "3DS enhanced".

The problem with that is we don't really know how the 3DS carts, and the system itself, works internally. This is in addition to the extended development time that would be needed and the fact that Nintendo may want people to have even more incentive to upgrade to 3DS.

So, I don't really see it happening.
But you never know...