Smash bros?

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6 years ago#1
I hope yes!
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6 years ago#2
As do I.
6 years ago#3
6 years ago#4
That would sell me the system.
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6 years ago#5
Super Smash Borthers 3D

Now featuring forward KOs so when you KO your opponent, it'll seem as if you just smacked them into your forhead.
6 years ago#6
There already is "forward K.O.s"
Stop laughing at me, flying avocado!
6 years ago#7
smash bros on a hand held would be a size problem... imagine trying to do things when you can barely see the items... And if I were Sakurai Id never make another smash again.
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6 years ago#8

From: WaterImp | #006
There already is "forward K.O.s"

Now they could be awesomely 3D.
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6 years ago#9

From: WaterImp | #006
There already is "forward K.O.s"

Yeah, but they just hit the "camera" and slide down. With the 3DS they could actually fall into the "abyss" or even do the sparkle star effect and it would be a much cooler effect in 3D then the camera splat.
6 years ago#10
The camera wouldn't be able to go out to far, because then the characters would appear too small to know what's happening. I guess since it isn't like people are going to be using the same screen to play anyway (LAN, online), then there is no real reason it couldn't work.
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