to those of you who say this will push the psp out of the market

#11Nobo__Posted 6/19/2010 7:07:06 AM
The PSP sold about 67 million units---that's pretty good for a first-time handheld in a Nintendo-dominated market. I would hardly say they were pushed out of the market. Of course, the DS sold way more, but still...

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#12DarkShadowRagePosted 6/19/2010 7:10:40 AM
Dude I own a PSP, the 3DS beats the hell out of it in every way possible.

No contest.
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#13omescythePosted 6/19/2010 7:34:58 AM
psp here to stay. it has some good things that ds doesn't. like music, movies, custom themes, multiple saves for games that have large saves, web browsing, game updates, and dlc. games on both systems have roughtly equal intrest. ds has games they you won't find on psp and the vise versa.