Do you think it'll keep this name?

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From: AkaneJones | #007
>3 Developer's System

No no no, they dropped the D from DS and added 3D. It clearly stands for 3 Dimensional System.

what? i never thought about both of those. DS was always "dual screen". so i thought 3DS was a play on words type thing; combining 3D with DS, thus 3DS. in other words, a more catchy way of saying "nintendo 3 dimensional dual screen"
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It won't change. Nintendo love their puns.

I don't like this sort of letter-number combo name. (I always call the PS2 the Playstation 2 because I think the first one sounds stupid)

lol wat. How could it possibly sound stupid? o.o
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It can be labelled 3DS without actually being an acronym.