3DS Priced at $299 USD?

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6 years ago#11
There's a few things wrong:

A.) Price is estimated.
B.) .com.au, meaning it's and estimated price in Australia.

New games in Australia cost $100 alone. Not that the Australian dollar is weak, gaming is just damned expensive.
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6 years ago#12
Well Australia games are double the price so it should be 150 :O.
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6 years ago#13
the price is not announced by Nintendo to ANYONE. Therefore GS is just guessing. And guess what. If I were a company and I could get $300 preorder now and have to give a $100 back later (giving me an extra $100 to spend on products to sell in the meantime). I would set pre-orders at $300 also.
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6 years ago#14
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6 years ago#15
Look at the address, people. Australia. Their prices are way more than in the US. Search for some games that are newly released or are planned. Gears of War 3 for the 360 has a $98 price tag for it's standard edition, when new 360 games typically cost $60 in the US.

So the 3DS is clearly not going to be $300 or more in North America...
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6 years ago#16
Dude you know Gamestop/ EBgames have done that with all there pre orders, it really is an estimation, they always overestimate on stuff.

I remember when there were pre orders for a game and it was like 80 dollars and then when it was announced, it was priced at 60 dollars. Maybe it was a game or handheld, which they overestimated. Something they overestimated and they had to pay there customers back for cheating them.
6 years ago#17
Well, I don't really think $299 is too far fetched.

Michael Pachter, an analyst from gametrailers.com, is convinced that the 3DS will cost around $250-299. Pachter says he talked to Reggie and Reggie explained that the 3DS is "a lot" more expensive than the DSi, and "Nintendo does not intend to lose money on the hardware." Now, Pachter has been wrong before, but if he thinks $299 is reasonable, then I wouldn't throw the idea out the 3DS costing considerably more than $200
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6 years ago#18
Oh, and video:

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