What nongame stuff would you like to see available for the 3DS?

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6 years ago#21
I support the movement for a music player. And the ability to watch youtube on it.

(I don't own a DS, so idk if either of those things can already be done.)
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6 years ago#22
Media player that plays music in 3D!
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6 years ago#23
"Naturally, you'll be able to surf the net with it."

Since when?
6 years ago#24
Internet with flash, large internal memory, and (even though it's game related) a VC.
6 years ago#25
TV Tuner, like with the DS.

Except this one comes to America.
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6 years ago#26
an anti hacking device that makes their codes fail instantly when paired with me ?:) and a device to connect it to my tv.
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6 years ago#27
A much-less-rigid music player would be cool.

Some kind of a notepad/draw pad utility. It'd be great if you can access it while playing games without having to exit out of the game at all. Pop it open, make a quick note of something you need to remember, then swap back to the game.
6 years ago#28
Cameras that don't make that *CLICK* noise. It's really hard to secretly take pictures of girls with that obnoxious sound effect.

This because it can't be used for stalking or peeping.
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6 years ago#29
some sort of software that takes the images from the world and 3d reconstructs a wire frame model in the ds. it would sweet if i could play on a custom map made to look like my surroundings. Katamari would probably take the cake for this type of game play, but the use for non games is pretty epic too. Then you could try editing it in a 3-d modeling software.
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  3. What nongame stuff would you like to see available for the 3DS?

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